Coolest City on the Planet 2005

coolest city 200
GQ has selected Tokyo as the "Coolest City on the Planet" for 2005! Basically, it is the best in food, clubs, shopping (they use Roppongi Hills as the main example), gadgets, design/design stores, fashion/fashion awareness, and hotels. But you can read a lot of it here (or else get the real magazine and read even more stuff on why the city is so cool).

Now, I have not been to enough cities to say that Tokyo is the coolest one out there, but as many scholars have noted, it is certainly the most diverse city, stylistically, making it incredibly fun and exciting. Since it does not have a rich cultural past (like Paris or London or Prague), the city is an incredible mish-mash of styles and ideas. Sometimes the place seems unfocused, disjointed, and too hectic, but I think that that is the core reason GQ picked the city this year.
What city's next ... ?