Face the Truth

malkmus concert
Pavement, in my opinion, was the best California band of the 90s, and more ground-breaking than, say, Nirvana in terms of lyrics and song-writing. Stephen Malkmus, the frontman of Pavement will release his third solo album, Face the Truth, on May 24. I cannot wait for it to hit the shelves. Listen to Pencil Rot, while the download is still available from Scenestars.

And now for my famous tracklist part of the post ...

1. Invisible Bodies
2. Baby C'mon
3. Horslip
4. Mmmmm...
5. Loud Cloud Crowd
6. No More Shoes
7. Mama
8. Malediction
9. Pencil Rot
10. It Kills
11. I've Hardly Been