Keiko Itakura

keiko itakura
Keiko Itakura makes irresistably gorgeous pen and ink line drawings. They are ridiculously complex and ornate, but meld together in a very fluid way, so the drawings and prints are never overwhelming, even though much work went into each piece. She controls pen and ink so well, that her pictures don't even look like they are done with such simple materials. She handles her instrument with the delicacy of a paintbrush, making the images incredibly beautiful. Also, most of her stuff is not in color, which one would think would make her work blander, but it does not at all. Look at lots of drawings that she has done here.

She has done quite a bit of commercial work, including something for Mini, Parco, and many clothing companies. I wish I could find more of her work, but I am not quite sure how to spell her name in Japanese, so I can't find anything that isn't written in English!