Fannypack - See You Next Tuesday

That crazy Brooklyn rap quintet, Fannypack is going to release their sophomore album, See You Next Tuesday, on March 22. I've been rockin' out to some of their tunes on Myspace, and I am overall pretty impressed with the material! The album seems more dancey than the last one, but certainly no less goofy. Seven One Eight, for example, sounds pretty similar to something on their self-titled debut. Matt and Fancy are definately talented producers (and I think Fancy is just such a cool name! ... maybe he is like Garfunkle and Matt is like Simon, though ... all show, no real skill ... )

So ... tracklist:

01 Keep It Up
02 Seven One Eight
03 On My Lap
04 Feet and Hands
05 Fire Fire
06 Pump That
07 Yeah Yeah
08 Twisted
09 You Gotta Know
10 Keep On
11 Not This

... lookin' forward to it!