Pit Er Pat and Zzzz

pit er pat
After a long wait, the Chicago-based post-rock trio, Pit Er Pat, has finally released its first full-length LP. The group released Emergency, a 6-track EP in early 2004, but did not release anything else for almost a full year. Shakey is the band's debut album, and is quite something. I really like it. The group has a very angular sound, but contrasts it sublimely with singer Fay Davis-Jeffers jazzy voice (in fact, Fay is a classically trained pianist). So, the album is very good, and you can easily buy it here. Listen to Underwater Wave Game ... it's a song from Shakey.

Well, while I was looking up all this information on Pit Er Pat, I found another noteworthy band, Zzzz. Also from Chicago and equally strange, Zzzz is like "a Tim Burton soundtrack on speed." They have a weird instrument lineup as well ... many songs feature sax and electric piano as well as the "normal" band instruments! Very cool stuff. Check out Assasination Polka, a song from Palm Reader, their record due out on the 14th.