Noah Butkus

noah butkus
This stuff is very impressive. I am a huge fan of Moebius, and this guy, Noah Butkus obviously draws heavily from the legendary French artist. Ah, look! Noah's testimony:

When I was 14 I was fortunate enough to meet him and he has been the biggest influence on my work.

Like Moebius, he draws in a science-fiction sort of style and uses tons of details to fill up every page. Also like Moebius, he has a slightly shakey line ... which makes the work look more organic and natural. I love it!

Speaking of Moebius ... when is he going to do something new!? I want more Moebius art bad! I think my favorite work of his may have been The Incal because it was just such excellent science-fiction, and who doesn't like Jodorowsky!? Maybe Mr. Butkus should make comics as well ...