United States of Electronica

The United States of Electronica is a dumb disco-pop-rock septet from Seattle (of all places). Dumb in a cool sort of way, I think ... Just listen to Night Shift, and maybe you'll understand what I mean. Wow is that dude's voice annoying ...

This is related, so bear with me ... Snoozer is a cutesy one-girl band from Chicago. Snoozer (AKA Susie Ghahremani) creates lo-fi electronic-ish pop music. Pretty vocals, lots o' moog and synthesizers, and funny lyrics ... I like it!

Right ... it's related because ... I was looking for a magazine (called Snoozer) that wrote about U.S.E.'s LP and Japan tour. Anyway, I came across Snoozer, the girl, instead, and was pleasantly surprised.

Lastly ...
I am sorry that this has turned into a music blog. I did not mean for this to happen, and I will try and fix the problem. I do not think I write good stuff about music to begin with, but it's all I have ...
I'll try harder ...
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