Islands, Th' Corn Gangg ...

Betcha' didn't know this ...
Or maybe you did, if you're a Pitchfork reader ...
Well, I'll update you all anyway.
The Unicorns recently discussed their breakup in more detail to Pitchfork. They had clashing views on where the band was to go, etc. ... read about it here. I don't want to be too much of a plagiariser ...
But, the things that Pitchfork left us curious listeners to find ourselves were the hyped Islands songs they discussed. Don't worry, you guys ... I found them, so I am here to spread the joy I felt after hearing the two leaked tunes.
They're, like, really good. It's the Unicorns with a punk edge or something. The Unicorns with a more studio feel.
Whatever. Listen for yourselves ...
Abominable Snow

Thanks, guys. I was afraid that I would never hear anything from the Unicorns members again. I was wrong. I cannot wait until the albums come out.
Oh. My. God.
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