Humans by Mike Mills

mike mills
Yipee! The neato graphic designer, Mike Mills, has created a clothing company called Humans by Mike Mills. A tad pretentious, but all in good humor. Also, the page was designed by Moog Yamamoto (from Buffalo Daughter). Check it out here. I like the Humans Manifesto:
No plan survives first contact with the enemy. Sometimes being dumb is the only smart alternative. Shy people are secretly egoists. Nothing is real. Everything you see a dream you project onto the world. Children live out their parents unconscious. The only animals that suffer from anxiety are the ones that associate with humans. I don't trust people that are very articulate. The only way to be sane is to embrace your insanity. When you feel guilty about being sad, remember Walt Disney was a manic depressive. Everything I said could be totally wrong.

Copying that whole thing down made me love you, Mike Mills. Thank you. I want to buy things from you.
Also, he has a blog, and his collection of fabrics and shirts (etc.) is fantastic. I'm so pumped to see this off on a good foot.