New Broken Social Scene Album

broken social scene
Well, I'm pumped. Broken Social Scene's You Forgot It In People is one of my favorite albums of all time. Perfect indie-rock with a sophisticated edge that no other band has.
Anyway, BSS will be releasing their self-titled third album ... kind ... of ... soon? October 4 is the scheduled date of release. It was supposed to be called Windsurfing Nation, but for some [stupid] reason, they decided to just make it a s/t record. Which, I think, is a bad sign.
Okay, so I'll admite that I'm confused. There actually may be two albums due out. One will be called Windsurfing Nation, and the other will be s/t (maybe?) ... I don't know! Someone explain this all to me ...
The band itself is describing the LP as "raw fucking puke and love." Does that mean edgier? More emotional in a disgusting way? I'm confused, but oh so excited to hear it.

Even if it will be a let-down.