Test Shot Starfish

test shot starfish
Yes, yes ... I know. I am way too sporadic in my musical tastes. One day it's rock, the next it's funk, the next it's electronica. And so it goes ...
But the new thing that I'm jamming out to now is Test Shot Starfish. The dancey group released their self-titled debut album on the 7th of June. Their sound is similar to the Orb, Plaid, Aphex Twin ... that kind of style. You should all check out their song, Level One, and decide what their influences are for yourself. Enjoy ...
Oh, and you can also buy the album from their label, Kanpai.

The band cite the Orb, Plaid, Orbital, Aphex Twin and Boards of Canada as some of their influences - groups that range from harsh and abrasive, to ambient and sensory. This particular track sounds like ambient Aphex and one of my favorite female electro producers, Andrea Parker. I guess its the deep buzzing bass that's nestled up against the mid-tempo scattershot drums pattern and the light synths.

The duo's sound design and music studio, which would seem to have quite a lot of fans, has allowed them to produce music and do sound design for numerous short films, television specials, and tons of commercials. Their reach has allowed them to do a number of remixes for artists such as Snoop Dogg ("Beautiful"), Gus Gus, Lenny Kravits and even Coldplay ("Clocks"). Weird right? I'm trying to imagine what they'd do to Coldplay to try to make it listenable (seriously), or to Snoop to make it more fun than the original.