Japanese Magazines

I still can't really read Japanese well (give me some slack here ... I've only been here a few days and I never studied really hard before I arrived), but that has not dissuaded me from purchasing a few Japanese magazines.
The first one I bought was this month's Relax. A really nice issue ... this one focuses on peace and love and harmony ... blah, blah, blah. The Japanese seem to really like writing about such subjects, and then adding art into the mix somehow. I still don't quite get it. For example, Relax's theme for this month is, "Peace Begins With ... " ... they do a short bio on an artist and then ask what he thinks of peace. Honestly, I don't think that if I was able to read the Japanese I would really get their "point," but they chose interesting artists regardless ...

The second magazine that I picked up was Brutus, which is kind of like GQ or Esquire in Japan. This one is cute ... it focuses on Japanese (and foreign) snacks and small dishes. I figure that reading up on such things will make me appear to know what I'm talking about (or being talked to about) more often.
I love looking at all the clothes and stuff in the magazines as well, although everything is really expensive, so I probably won't end up buying too much of the stuff.