Echo and the Bunnymen - Siberia

Echo and the Bunnymen never really broke up. Unfortunately, they just kind of backed out of the music world a little while after they releaed their 1987 s/t record. Since then, the group has released a new album every couple of years, but none of them were that great, and none of them were taken too seriouslly. Echo, it seemed, was just playing for the heck of it. Since they never split up, they could not have a dramatic re-entry into the pop music world like Gang of Four or something, but they had always been remembered for their older albums, so they couldn't re-invent themselves either. Though spot they were in.
Instead, the band has taken the Morrisey-route. That is, they kept playing around and throwing new ideas out until they hit something solid. And their newest album, Siberia, is indeed solid. It's a true Echo and the Bunnymen album. It's cool how it sounds so authentically like something they created in the 80s. I'm surprised that they were able to recreate that sound so accurately. Listen to Parthenon Drive at Scenstars.

I didn't think they had it in 'em.