Paste Magazine

paste magazine
Paste Magazine has been out for several months now, but I decided to write about it because (a) I just got a free issue from them and (b) it's a good magazine, so you should all start buying it. First off, I like it because it has a nice little CD sampler. Like, 20 tracks or so. It's a good representation of new music. Maybe even a little better than the CMJ sampler (but that's just my opinion ... I never really liked CMJ's interest in metal). Also, it comes with a DVD, which can be interesting. The DVD usually just has trailers for movies and that sort of thing on it, though, but occasionally, it has musical performances and those can be fun.
And this will sound stupid, but it's a good length and not too texty. I have issues with magazine being too short or too dense. If I want something dense, I'll buy a book. Magazines are supposed to have pictures, right? But I don't want to sound stupid, so don't judge me, please. Also, it's pretty thick, which is good. Not too short, but not too long either. I can actually get through the whole thing in a few sittings and never get bored with browsing through it.

Well, I was able to get a free issue of the magazine, but I think that you can't get the free issue anymore. I dunno ...