Athlete "Half-Light" Video

I've been softening up a lot recently. Whereas I used to really, really like hardcore spazzy rocky stuff, I've mellowed out a little recently. I've been listening to a lot of British stuff that's pretty chill ... I don't want to name too many names, as I always feel a little embarassed and go red in the face when I do.
But I'm sure that if you give me a month or, I'll have a total change of heart.
Anyway, I've really been diggin' Athlete's "Half-Light" video. Ballady, string-laden, liquidy Brit-rock. Tourist is the name of their new album, and it's defnitely a step forward for Athlete. They seem more confident on this record, and it is apparent that they're trying to separate themselves from Coldplay as much as possible.
The video is way cool. I like the desert setting, and I enjoy how the band takes advantage of the daytime/nighttime contrast. Good job at setting the tone.
You can see the video with WMA here or with Real here.

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