Group Sounds

group sounds
I seriouslly wonder if you can be addicted to music. I feel like I need it 24/7. I find it sort of hard to judge a CD these days, also (I know -- I do indeed write record reviews for Exploding Plastic, but I am evaluating records there on a basis of talent and ability ... it's like judging beer on it's flavor/texture when you really just want to drink it to get drunk). I just love that feeling that I get when I hear something new. Something creative, fun, energetic, emotional ... just something for my ears to indulge in. Going to concerts is taking it up a notch ... I get all my senses stimulated ... the lights flashing or turned way down, the smoke in my nose, the bobbing heads of audience members, and choreography on stage, a crazy-looking bass player, and then, finally, the music blasting out of some gigantic JBLs.

So now for the subject of this post: Group Sounds.
I was bopping around the net, on my usual music-related rounds, when I came across Group Sounds, a fantastic NYC quartet. I dig them mucho because, as they say themselves, they are not only inspired by the Clash, the Kinks, and other standard rock/punk groups, but DEVO as well. So they have a wacky quality about them that I think is really hip. Buy their EP at Insound at a damn good price. Also, check out their song Things Fall Apart. It's uber-cool.

I also really dig their gear. If I was a girl, I would so buy that shirt ...