I did not realize this when I posted about Mike Mills a few days ago, but apparently he recently made a film called Thumbsucker, that, like, won a prize at Sundance and another one at the Berlin International Film Festival. It's just another coming-of-age type thing, but done by Mike Mills, which I guess makes it kind of edgier while still maintaining a soft edge. This is Mills' debut film (although he has done some music videos and things like that before ... )
Hey, but the surprise thing about this film is that it has not only Vince Vaughn in it as a supporting character, but Keanu Reeves (of all people) as well! I wonder if Keanu pulled it off well (Bill and Ted? the Matrix? ... now an orthodontist?)

Anyway ... it looks worthwhile, and the reviews have been rather positive. A skateboarder making a Sundance-worthy film ... internesting regardless ...
Ah -- and here's a trailer.