The Runners Four

the runners four
I am so glad that Deerhoof is holding to its annual record release schedule. They make at least one new album every year, and they have for the past, like, seven years or something (even though they've technically been a band since '94 or thereabouts).
The latest LP is called The Runners Four, and it's very, very good. Better than Milk Man (which I enjoyed greatly) ...
This time, Deerhoof has sort of returned to their chaotic noise-pop roots, but they manage to still maintain a pop-songwriting structure in their music, like they did on Milk Man. So ... more disorganized, but still totally together and poppier than albums like Apple O' or Holdypaws.
Also -- for those of you who didn't know this -- Deerhoof released a Japan-only EP called Green Cosmos. I think it may be out in the US now, but I have the Japan-only version ... not that there's a difference.

A few more things ... this album is, like, twice the length of their previous releases (score!) and it will be released on Kill Rock Stars as usual.
Here's a tracklist:
01. Chatterboxes
02. Twin Killers
03. Running Thoughts
04. Vivid Cheek Love Song
05. O'Malley, Former Underdog
06. Odyssey
07. Wrong Time Capsule
08. Spirit Ditties Of No Tone
09. Scream Team
10. You Can See
11. Midnight Bicycle Mystery
12. After Me The Deluge
13. Siriustar
14. Lemon & Little Lemon
15. Lightening Rod, Run
16. Bone-Dry
17. News From A Bird
18. Spy On You
19. You're Our Two
20. Rrrrrrright