More T-Shirts!

crying tiger
What is a boy to do when there are so many T-Shirts to choose from to buy? And on top of that, I have my unquenchable thirst for CDs. So I must choose wisely ... I must have many cool shirts and many cool CDs. And then other cool stuff. So hard. Hah ...
Unfortunately, I have found another cool T-Shirt company. Crying Tiger is their name and awesome T-Shirt is their game (so lame ... sorry).
I really like the Crying Tiger and Angry Tornado shirts. Wicked cool. Must ... buy.
Also, for all you T-Shirt heads out there, you should be happy to hear that Crownfarmer is having a pretty impressive (and rare) T-Shirt sale. Many of their shirts are 50% off! Wow! I'm in heaven ...

And one more unrelated thing ... check out PingMag -- a flashy and interesting Japanese internet 'zine. Nice.