New Gang of Four!?

No way ... I was just doing some blog checking and read that Gang of Four is realeasing a new album. And it says so on their homepage. And, you can even listen to here.
I find their marketing of the record to be obnoxious, though ...
You've heard the tribute bands. Now let the original blow you away.

Yeah -- lame. V2 reports that the album is actually a double record, and it's hitting shelves on the 30th. Damn ... how did I miss this?!
I wonder what it'll be called ...

"To Hell With Poverty" is the lead single, and is already out on iTunes, etc. I actually kind of like it. At least Gang of Four is staying pretty true to their roots. Angular guitar accents, loads of reverb, funky yet harsh drumming. And I'm just thanking God that they also kept the original line-up. Phew ...
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