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My first encounter with Art School Dropout Records was when I ordered the label's Alden Penner 7". This thing is beautiful: screen printed on the reverse side of some cruddy old record. I think you were supposed to color in the cover art with the pack of crayons included ...
Anyway, it was a good single, and I'm glad I got my hands on it! The Australian label clearly knows how to find its stuff!

So I was looking them up again recently, and was happy to hear some of their new stuff!
Kiosk is this spectacular girl punk band fronted by a woman who channels Kim Gordon. Actually, there is something Sonic Youth-y about these guys ... the noisy, sloppy guitar, the feedback ... I don't know. Compelling, anyway ...

You all should check out the Art School Dropout Records MySpace page, hear some other stuff the company's behind ...
Kiosk - Tourist Attraction (clip)

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