Real Gold

real gold
There's some fantastic small-label activity going on in London right now. From the Young Turks to Merok (who brought us Klaxons and Crystal Castles) to ... Real Gold. Real Gold has released a few good 7"s, but it seems that their main aim is to be a taste maker of sorts ... hosting many, many parties, DJ events, collaborations, and curating mix tapes.

Unfortunately, I can't get in on any of it since it's all happening in London. So, for those of you who're on the same boat, check out some of their stellar bands instead!

The Train Chronicles is a folk/pop singer with this bizarre modal sort of sound. That is, this stuff sounds sort of like what monks would play if they were hip and had guitars.

Just head over to their MySpace page to delve into all their projects and endeavors ... really spectacular stuff here!