Rumble, Rumble

the rumble strips
Maddness's debut, One Step Beyond was a grossly under-rated record from the 70s. A perfect combination of ska, post-punk aesthetic, and goof-ball fun. Granted, after that, their lightning bolt inspiration disappeared, and we were left only with "Our House."

Hopefully, such a fate will not befall the Rumble Strips who, to me, sound like a spectacular mix of Maddness (the horns, the rhythms, the fun), the Monochrome Set (that jazzy vibe), and Echo & the Bunnymen (those vocals! those chops!) ...

I'm so excited to see who else emerges from this revival of something in the U.K. ... first it was Vincent Vincent & the Villains, now it's the Rumble Strips ... the movement's really compelling, and boy do I want more, more, more ...

Oh ... listen to some stuff on their MySpace page!
the Rumble Strips - Motorcycle
the Rumble Strips - Running Away