Alter It All

Hey, even if you get tired of all the indie coming from the U.K. right about now, you have to be thankful that the bands didn't stick to the Coldplay or Oasis template. I feel like what's going on there right now is far, far from a lost cause (re: all my other posts tagged "British"), yet had everyone gone the way of Coldplay, the country would be full of mellow dramatic idiots with soft heads.

This band I just found, Alterkicks ain't nothin' too new. In fact, they sound a bit much like the Mystery Jets to me, but that's certainly not a bad thing. On top of that similarity, the Liverpool five-piece has quite an affinity for the Pixies, Radiohead, and other noisier, more experimental alternative groups.

So check 'em out, yeah? They've a MySpace page ... duh.