Truly Truly

lizzy trullie
I know essentially nothing about this singer Lizzy Trullie, but the one reassurance about that is that ... no one else seems to know anything, either!

Maybe the shrowd of mystery makes her more compelling and fascinating to me. Trullie has this haunting voice which simultaneously channels Nico and Siouxsie Sioux: very impressive and much warmer and seductive than you'd imagine.
Instrumentally, her songs are simple, folky, but with a campy quality, too (re: K Records). It sounds bare bones, definitely, but it's more: bloody bare bones, maybe. This is so raw -- and so sharp, precise -- that there's almost some irritation.

She's doing something big in NYC, and I'm waiting for it to get even larger, larger ... but until then ...
Just listen, listen ... spectacular stuff.