These New Puritans

these new puritans
Another band with one hell of a contradictory name, Southend's These New Puritans are far from resembling puritans. Vocally, the singer sounds like he's channeling Mark E. Smith, rhytmically, too, it's sort of like listening to the Fall plus a few parts Throwbing Gristle or any of those No Wave groups and Cabaret Voltaire's followers.
But man can you get down to These New Puritans ... they've the tonality and rhythm of Liars -- that is, clean, funk-based stuff filtered through noise, disjointed, and un-cleaned.

Get down to their dark, absent funk at their MySpace page.
These New Puritans - C 16
These New Puritans - Tracey Emin
These New Puritans - Home Cinema