Chow Chow Chomp Chomp

chow chow
I simply don't get it: why are there so many damn bands coming out of London these days? Chow Chow is my latest find of this variety, and man are the neat. This stuff sounds like the guts and verboseness of U2 combined with like, the Starlight Mints or something. It's fun -- quirky vocals, scratchy synths -- but confident and strong-willed.
The band's got a MySpace page dedicated to downloads which I highly recommend checking out!

Now this ... this band is gold ... Ellis Island Sound is the name, and while both the name and sound are dripping with Americana, these lads are certainly from the U.K. as well. It's acoustic, it's folk, but there's a delicateness to it that reminds me of something Mark Mothersbaugh would have composed. Be certain, certain, certain to listen to 'em at their MySpace page!
Ellis Island Sound - The Orchid