Swaying In the Breeze

chris & mollie
Boy, this Santa Cruz duo, Chris & Mollie makes some of the most depressing music I've heard in recent years, from recent years.
Alienation, coldness, emotional distress, suicide ... just a few of the things these two sing about.
However, they make some of the most fantastic lo-fi twee I've ever heard. Imagine a cuter, cleaner Jesus and Mary Chain with a grungier feel (maybe the Swirlies) and a stop-start formula that I simply can't compare to the Unicorns. While this stuff is terribly sad, it really wrings your heart in all its genuineness, truth, honesty, and sincerity.
Additionally, man do I love this sort of production. These two are workin' with nearly nothin', but the songs never lack character and uniqueness. While the most recent effort, The Palm Tree, has more glitz than their previous recordings, it's pretty damn sparse and I never want them to change.

Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet ... never let these two go.

(Go to their MySpace page before I forget.)
Chris & Mollie - Slow Sunrise
Chris & Mollie - Transition Trade
Chris & Mollie - Waltz