Hey Hey My My Interview (Part 2 of 2)

hey hey my my
(6) What are your future plans? I remember emailing you a while back, and you mentioned a goal of getting to America sometime. Anything else in the works? Collaborations, tours, etc. ...

We will release our album in April in France so we are getting ready for touring in our country. We’d like to find a licensing deal in UK and the US and we will be ready to tour there when necessary. One of the collaboration I can maybe speak about is having Audrey from the band Envelopes (French-Swedish band, who recently toured with Ratatat in the U.S.) singing on two songs of our album. They’re good friends of us, their music is amazing.

(7) I really like your "Too Much Space" video. It's really skilfully done, and on top of that, it's got a cool theme and look. Where'd you get the idea and how'd the thing come about?

The director Didier Kerbrat had the idea. We were stuck in the process of finding some good ideas for the video and he came with that simple but brilliant plan: to get back to the cover of the EP and to start the video there, the both of us on horses staring at something in the woods. Then we found some ideas to make our friends to appear in the video and to keep a surreal atmosphere in it. We didn’t want a usual "hit and run" video like a lot of bands do, with lots of cuts, a fast pace and edit. We founded more it interesting to have a slow progression inside the video to make things smooth, kind of wanting to slowly hypnotize the viewer rather than hitting him/her with a stick screaming "LOOK AT US WE PLAY GUITAR WE’RE A BAND WE HAVE NICE CLOTHES BUY OUR ALBUM!!!."

(8) I'm curious to know what the reaction's been to your music in France. You sing in English, which leads me to believe that you've plans and goals that reach beyond the border of your country.

Until now the reactions in France have been quite amazing, we’ve just released the EP and we already have press and radios (even national ones), so for us it’s a good surprise. As I said before, things are changing so it’s going to be interesting for us to see how France welcomes the full album. Our plans are to be able to quit our daily jobs and make a living out of our music. It will only be possible if we are big in France or if we manage to bring our music in Europe and elsewhere. Plus we want to do it as a kind of challenge, because we have been so influenced by American and English music, it changed so much of our lives than we want to be accepted among this world, this scene. So yeah, we are heading towards you people!!!

(9) Do you have any music recommendations? Anything you're listening to right now that needs to be exposed?

Listen to Envelopes!!!! We don’t say that because they are our friends. We became friends with them because we liked so much their music! They have been misinterpreted as a kind of new indie slacker band like “Architecture in Helsinki” but they are much more than that. To like their album demands further listen, once it’s inside it won’t leave you.
Otherwise I really like "Songs Ohia : Electric Magnolia corporation," Deerhoof.
Also it would be unfair to tell you so much about this French scene without giving you some band names. They’re part of what we’re listening to so here we go:
Stuck in the sound, Eldia, Fancy, Cocoon, Please don’t blame Mexico …There are many more we don’t remember for now but these ones should do for a start.

(0) Okay, I think I'll leave it at that. Thanks for agreeing to do the interview, and I can't wait to see and hear more from you guys!

Merci beaucoup! It was a pleasure