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plastic palace alice
I realized today that I've now posted 666 posts, and because of the Satanic undertone there, I felt the urge to post immediately ... don't want any bad vibes coming from BiBaBiDi!

A friend once made this astute observation: Australian bands continually have a sense of twee to their music, whether it be over or covert. I'm not quite sure what it is in them, but so many groups over there have a cute sort of appeal to them ... whether it be chimes, clean and simple guitar melodies, shaky yet sincere vocals ... there's always this aspect of innocence and naivety there.

Plastic Palace Alice is certainly not your usual twee band (no four-track, no one mic recording sessions) -- there are definitely undertones of U2 here -- but their unique breed of post-punk is lined with sing-along vocals, sweet lyrics, bells, and a vindication that's special and attractive.

Absolutely hit these guys up ... MySpace page. I think someone from the Sleepy Jackson is producing the album which is very exciting!
Plastic Palace Alice - Empire Falls