The Fox Returns

Sorry, but Kitsune totally fell off the bandwagon there. Ed Banger popped up and the great French label sank. Or that's what I thought had been happening until a few things surface ...

First off, Fox n' Wolf (MySpace) have been working on some new stuff. It's crazier, more apocalyptic, more smoke and lasers, more blood and gore: intensity at it's climax. Definitely keep an eye on them ... big things happening in the near future.

The word is that this Palermo Disko Machine is also going to be releasing stuff on Kitsune soon, too. Man do I wish I'd found this act earlier ... there's some Metronomy here, there's some Zongamin (where'd he wander off to!?), and definitely some Digitalism, too ... look into these Italian dance wizards; something big brewing with them, too.

Speaking of Digitalism ... who cannot wait for their album, Idealism!? The singles that are out there (check the MySpace page) are phenomenal. Dancey, absolutely, but with added depth and texture. A little bit of the Cure, a little bit of old skool Cut Copy, and *duh* ... Digitalism. Get down down down to this shit.
P.S. ... am I off? Has Kitsune totally been under all of your radars? Am I ... out of it!?
Fox n' Wolf - In Yr Underwear
Digitalism - TVTV
Digitalism - Pogo