disco drive
So maybe Torino is now not only "the place where the Winter Olympics" last occurred, but also a music scene focal point! Disco Drive is this tense, speedy, disco infused, dance-punk group from Torino, and they're pretty damn good! There's something very Gang of Four about these guys -- maybe it's the way the guitar accents the melodies and words or the mathematical, dancey drumming or the funk bass -- and it seems sincere and earnest. How could I ask for more!?
Check out their MySpace page or download the below track!

In a similar vein, the Po Po. These dudes hail from Pennsylvania and sound like a bizarre bastard child of like, the Fall and Rage Against the Machine (in a very good way, believe me). An element of Liars in there, too (I feel chilly, haunted, listening to these guys). Definitely keep an eye out for them ... or at least head over to their MySpace page, too!

In quite a different vein, I present you ... Polytechnic, a cheery indie-pop group from Manchester (a place that has gotten much less grey since the days of Ian Curtis and Tony Wilson, it seems).
This quintet seems totally confident and happy to be doing what they're doing, and they've the chops and hooks to support that!
At times I feel like they get a tad too cliché, but hey, I've no problem with intense rhythm guitar and grandiose harmonies every once in a while. So again, go to their MySpace page and check it out for yourself!
Disco Drive - All About This