I feel like I've gotten back on track here and I'm prepared to write about several bands that are all worthwhile and cool.
Semifinalists are a terribly sweet yet rather moody and melancholy trio (one girl, two guys) from London. Imagine a sort of lo-fi, twee shoe-gaze or something of that variety. Instead of being full of dark swaths of thick bass lines and guitar walls of sound, Semifinalists are bubbling over with pastel colors, clean melodies, clear vocals (albeit with quite a bit of reverb), and quick, confident drumming. Definitely worth checking out ... for sure for sure.

Ratattagg is also from London, but man do they have a different sound. The singer sounds like the dude from Blood Brothers blended with Mark E. Smith. Or wait ... are there two singers there? It's hard to tell since they meld real well. Instrumentally, they actually sound quite a bit like the Fall: guitars are used to accent the jagged vocals, drums don't really keep the beat as much as set the spastic, frantic mood ...
You definitely should check out their MySpace page for music music!

Someone pointed me in the direction of Cajuan (cute, huh?), an electro act from Germany. These guys sounds a lot a lot a lot like MSTRKRFT: harsh, almost angry dancey electronic music. It's pretty cool, though. There's something very melodic about all of their compositions, but man do they get you moving (I'm sure ... )
Check out their MySpace page, too ...
Truly an eclectic mix o' stuff today. Plenty of cool and more interesting features coming up, though. I just wanted to keep you all posted! Until next time ...

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