I wrote about Buttonhead a while back after learning about the London-based sextet via Thomas of Tap Tap fame.
Well, the group's got big plans for the future, it seems. They're upcoming material is some of the best I've heard from them yet, and like everything they do, they'll blow your socks off.

Literally ... Buttonhead is like a crazed Stereolab with psyche roots having children with the Deerhoof trio. Amazing, super-complex drumming, spectacular -- and rather high pitched -- female vocals, and an amazing knack for a start-stop structure that's chalk full of hooks as well as experimental melodies that'll never get your bored nor exhausted from the shroud of mystery, detail, and intense layering.

So listen, listen, listen ... dig, dig, dig ... and most importantly, keep an eye out for Buttonhead ... they're going to blast off ... somewhere, that I know.
Buttonshead - Boys In the Ball Pool
Buttonhead - Kitson

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

the sickness....

Blogger nik mercer said...

the sickness indeed, dude ... the sickness indeed ...


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