Catch It (Part One)

the flying squad
It seems we've come to a fork in the road. Too many bands are playing genuinely interesting (although not always unique) music. And the styles are too varied! I sort of wish that I could answer the question, "What sort of music do you like?" with a concrete answer. "I only listen to death metal," for example. Instead I stumble over an explanation of what "indie" is, only realizing halfway through the response that I don't really carry, and neither does the listener.
Things need to be pared down!
(I say that, but I actually want more. Disregard).
The Oxfam Glamour Models are the bastard child of Mark E. Smith and the Cramps. Or something like that. They're dirty and grimey, and the singer's voice sounds like a warped recording of David Bowie's voice. Truly messed up.
The Flying Squad is Tim Sweeney. Tim Sweeney is the half of the DFA that doesn't seem to do much. He's German, so maybe that's why he was added. For show. Well, the dude's really into disco, and his project, the Flying Squad, sounds like disco straight up. I'm surprised at how ... old this stuff sounds!
Wait for Part Two!
the Flying Squad - Trip 1
the Oxfam Glamour Models - Kick Out the Grams
the Oxfam Glamour Models - PostModern Stars
the Oxfam Glamour Models - Loves Your Scum
the Oxfam Glamour Models - White Noise Radio