I'm Not Going Anywhere

My last post may have been a tad misleading. I am, by no means, discontinuing my blog! I have once again moved houses, here in Japan, and that limits my internet connectivity. The house I live in now technically has no internet. But the guy next door has wifi. You get the idea ... I'm glad I have a connection, but I'm not too happy about the frequent dropouts.
The dropouts prevent me from uploading anything bigger than like, a single file to the net. So from now on until I get back to America, I will only be posting individual tracks.
But I'd like to keep that mixtape feel. Hey -- for those of you with a slow connection, you should see this as a blessing! And for all of you ... now you'll be able to download all the individual tracks, as opposed to a select few!
Mikkel Metal is a spooky Copenhagen-based techno-dub producer. For years, he has been sporadically releasing 12" singles, an album here and there, and generally staying in the dark (spooky!)
Victimizer is his latest full-length offering, and it's certainly his most consistent. It sounds like an album, rather than a bunch of uh ... well, singles.
Johnossi is a very non-typical Stockholm-based band. When you think Scandinavia, you think pop or electronica or something light. Or else you think death metal, I guess. Well, Johnossi is, for the most part, not like either of those categorizations. They're a pissed off garage band. And I like them.
Mikkel Metal - Align
Johnossi - Risky Business
Johnossi - Man Must Dance