Coffee & Singing Girl

maki furukawa
This is just a short post, but it's special (aww).
I've said it before, but I'll remind you all again, anyway: I am not especially interested in J-Pop, and I don't know much about it. But recently, there have been a lot of Japanese bands and musicians that have been wearing away at my conviction that pop over here is just sort of ... crappy. If you're into hyper-active space-age pop, then Capsule or Perfume is your band. If you're into Japanese indie -- or something like it -- then maybe Supercar or Nirgilis is the group for you. I still prefer my Western bands to these guys, but I like to see that headway is being made.
That being said ... Maki Furukawa is my new favorite pop singer. She's energetic, fresh, and not too cute as are many singers here. The bizarrely titled "Coffee & Singing Girl!!!" is climbing up the singles chart, and I see her debut album (out next month) going somewhere. (Hey -- Broadcast even did one of the remixes featured on her single). Hopefully. Alright -- check it out!
Maki Furukawa - Coffee & Singing Girl!!!