Defaced "White Unicorn [Defaced]"

I am, by no means, a Wolfmother fan (although I do love their Aussie record label, Modular Records) ... I guess I just don't dig that 70s psych rock sound. But that aside, this video of their song, "White Unicorn" is really, really cool. It's been **defaced** which makes it oh-so-special. Truly, it is cool.
While I'm posting, why not also give you all "Pockets," the new Four Tet song that will be featured on Kieren Hebden's DJ Kicks compilation.
And lastly, I'll point you all in the direction of Meneguar, a band that takes a Unicorns approach to writing Yeah Yeah Yeahs indie/punk tunes. Really great stuff.
Meneguar - Bury A Flower
Meneguar - House Of Cats
Meneguar - 1000 Actors (Demo)
Meneguar - The Temp
Four Tet - Pockets