Me Oh My

Many bands here, so keep with me ...
Post-Punk New Wave from Sweden, Marble. This is a surprisingly strong and confident band. Like Debbie Harry, Marble's vocalist isn't the best vocalist I've heard, but she's sure of herself, and that's a great thing.
Moving over to Finland, we find TV-Resistori, a band which ought to be grouped with the likes of Stereolab and Broadcast. Space Pop with a 60s edge (and lyrics I will never understand). Unlike Stereolab, however, this band has a thing for simple kids songs. That makes me feel nostalgic and melancholy. Check out their MySpace page for many samples.
The More Assured will only get better with time. The London-based band plays really simple jangle pop that would make anyone cheery. If they get a proper producer or work out a few kinks in their songwriting, I feel confident that they'll be yet another victim to the NME's over-hype. Check out their MySpace page for some other tracks!
And just since everyone's talking about it, listen to Goat Dance's "Sizzle" here, too! (Parody of DFA? This track is awesome).
the More Assured - All In Your Head
the More Assured - These Golden Rules
Marble - BAM
Marble - Johnny Johnny
Goat Dance - Sizzle