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crystal castles
I've got a warped image of Brazil, and really all of South America, for that matter. I imagine non-stop siestas and Mardi Gras-type parades; slightly overweight belly dancers; that sort of thing. Yes, this is most definitely not accurate, as I'm sure/know that most Brazilians lead normal lives, even if their lifestyles are different than ours here in America.
Regardless, I can't shake the perception in my mind. So Bonde do Role, a Brazilian band, is reassuring to me; since this band exists, not all Brazilians are dancing in the streets 24/7. Bonde do Role's music is funky, jagged, dance music on the punk side of the musical spectrum. But there are tons of Latin elements added in to their stuff, and the song "Melo do Tabaco" in particular sounds like something from M.I.A.'s book.
Crystal Castles is my favorite Canadian band of the moment. They're spacey and wild and upset about something and make me excited. I feel bad sitting down when I hear this stuff ...
Crystal Castles - Air WAr
Crystal Castles - xxzxczx me