Eastern Developments And ...

Eastern Developments is G. Scott Herren's record label. There are a lot of cool bands signed to the label, but I especially like Reminder and Icy Demons (a new signing). Reminder is an electronica artist. His stuff is very calming, diverse in influences, and very bass heavy. I guess it makes sense that Prefuse 73 would sign him to his label.
Icy Demons used to be signed to Cloud Records, but has switched labels for their upcoming LP, Tears Of A Clone. Wierd name. They've developed their sound more, reminding me of some sort of lo-fi Broken Social Scene. Very ambitious sound, but tied up in a tight little indie-rock package.

And lastly, the Velvet Teen is back with an EP to promote their forthcoming album, Cum Laude. From the looks of this EP, I'd assume that the record is going to be pretty good! Looking forward to hearing more of their unique swooning, orchestral, yet edgy indie rock.
Icy Demons - Bunny's
Reminder - Now I Disappear
the Velvet Teen - False Profits (Cute Version)
the Velvet Teen - GymzKid