Germany Won

I've gotten seriously into soccer this year, and have seen every game so far, I believe (which can be pretty difficult from Japan, as the earliest of the daily broadcasted games comes on at 10 at night).
I think Germany is a very strong team, but seems too quick -- which is a strange thing to say in the soccer world. They seem to overshoot everything -- passes, shots, throws ... they're too energetic.
But my post has nothing to do with soccer ... on to topic two.
We all have musical biases. I for one cannot tell the difference between any Japanese singer I've ever heard. They all have high voices, and they all sound like annoying kids. This is men I'm talking about here. I'm used to hearing lower Japanese speaking voices, so to hear these little screeches is disheartening: they've got potential, I'd like to think.
I think of Germany as the land of techno and dance music. Because of that, I can't really accept other styles of music from the country. But I recently came across this fantastic record label, Sinnbus, which is sort of like the German response to Darla here in the States.
While not all of the label's bands are from Germany, they've all got a uniting energy to them. Kinn may be my new favorite minimalist/sound structure group. Very delicate, but obviously rather thought out and provoking.
Alarm Man is a four-piece from Gothenburg, and boy are they crazy. Their wacked-out post-rock pieces all 100% climax. Really cool stuff there ...
Alarm Man - Sweden Sweden
Kinn - Lunte
Kinn - Pike
Kinn - Seetang
Kinn - Ungezeichnetes