Catch It (Part Two)

While Franz Ferdinand looked to more angular post-punk rockers like the Fire Engines for inspiration, Bricolage looks to Orange Juice and Aztec Camera; the Postcard Records bands. And man they capture that sound perfectly. I will put all of my chips on this group ... they're going places. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Orange Juice do the original version of "Footsteps"? See? They are that good. I've been waiting for this band.
Total change in pace ... I Love UFO is a French psychedelic band. Yeah, exactly ... where did this come from!? I must say I like their stuff quite a bit. It's more angst-ridden than psychedelic rock is usually.
The Somatics are what would happen if Broadcast became a psychedelic band. That wurlitzer!? That clean, yet fluffy and compelling guitar!? They've got it all. Not too shabby ...