Radio BiBaBiDi Hiatus

the eraser
I hate to say this, but Radio BiBaBiDi will be going on a hiatus until ... I return to the U.S.
I'm moving again tomorrow, and while I'll have internet, it will be the wi-fi that leaks into my room from someone else's house. Unless some miracle happens, I don't think I'll be able to stay connected for more than like, 10 minutes. Therefore, no more big file uploads.
Bummer? I dunno. I only get a handful of visitors every day. Oh, I try ... I try to get more readers. I redesign, I post frequent mixes ... I even post hard-to-find tracks and leaks.
As a last attempt here to get more readers, I'm posting a track from Thom Yorke's dolo debut, The Eraser. Probably won't work. I'm in deinal.
So ... cheers to Radio BiBaBiDi. Hopefully it will be back.
Thom York - Analyse