Tut Tut (Or "It Looks Like Rain")

naked on the vague
I would like for all of you to know that my post writing has become "legitimized." I use one sheet of paper per post, and scribble various notes and such on it. Once the paper becomes full, I write a post. Okay -- so it's not the most linear way of thinking, and it causes my posts to not be incredibly cohesive, but knowing that paper is associated with this blog makes me feel like it's "real" (which it still isn't).
What an interesting band the 586 is. What is this? The Monochrome Set mixed with the B52s, plus glossy, almost Arcade Fire sounding production qualities? I like the narrative style of their songwriting. It seems very frantic and excited, but the band never lets that run away with them.
It's true, the Redcoats Are Coming! This band, too, is ridiculously cool and unique. Truly haunting music ... but haunting because of instrumentation and chord progressions and minor keys (no body-pierced Norweigen Satanists here). Apparently, the band uses "two guitars, a baritone guitar, keyboard, eerie sound effects and drum machines," which sounds cool to me, even though I don't know what the hell a baritone guitar is. Check out their MySpace page.
You want some crazy, whacked-out, freaky-ass crass guitar and ... Farfisa (?) punk? Look no further ... is for you. I need not say more.
the Redcoats Are Coming! - Deep In the Rough
the Redcoats Are Coming! - Fits And Starts
the Redcoats Are Coming! - Crown Heights
the Redcoats Are Coming! - Ring the Bell