Again, Sweden (Part 1)

unarmed enemies
I make this hard for myself. Really, why do I need to keep digging deeper, looking for more music to fill my head with? Habit ... and plus, I find it hard to complain. Too much of a good thing ...
Although sometimes I just feel blatantly overwhelmed. Re: currently. I went on a huge quest for Swedish music, and in order to deliver the goods to all of you, I think I'm going to have to divide this up over two days. Maybe three. Me oh my ...

Let's begin. Unarmed Enemies is a pretty goofy little electronica duo from Stockholm. Reminds me a bit of like, the Pet Shop Boys, in terms of male vocal harmonies and boppy, jumpy, energetic pop melodies. But there's also something really cutesy about them, and while I'm sure I'll get tired of that shtick, it's working for me now ... oh, hey, they've a MySpace page.

Action Biker is very cute as well, indeed, but in a different sort of way. Chill, swooning, ambient electronic music with a calm, soft spoken female singer. I like the looping of her voice ... and how she sings in French sometimes ... again, cute. Aw ...

These Kubot dudes are ambitious. Their songs sound like real, legit compositions ... like they wrote these out and really worked on instrumentation and all that fancy stuff. Which I appreciate, although I feel like this might be a bit much. Maybe it's just because I don't want today to be sad, and their music is pretty moody and melancholy. Ahh ... MySpace, anybody?

I can't figure this Jmy Haze Beatbox thing out, but man is it sounding cool from the little bits on their website. I didn't know that Swedish people ... made music like ... this! DFA meets Junior Senior!? I'm hooked, and I want lots, lots more ...

Where has this Dorothy's Magic Bag guy been, and why have I not found him until now? I've been missing out. When you listen to this stuff, yeah ... it's like looking into a magic bag from like, Alice In Wonderland. Full of quirky and fat electronic beats, spooky, Halloween-/Danny Elfman-esque melodies, and plenty of creepy alien and outerspace sounds. Really cool? Absolutely.

Okay -- that's enough for today.
Unarmed Enemies - Show Me Your Plans (Radio Edit)
Unarmed Enemies - Missing Out
Action Biker - Farrah
Action Biker - TV Star
Action Biker - La Conjugaison Pour Tous
Kubot - Albatros
Dorothy's Magic Bag - Gränslinje
Dorothy's Magic Bag - Tequila Train