Colourful Life

late of the pier
Plenty of bands this time around, and the nice part is that they've all got something in common. England is increasingly coming back as the country with the realer, rawer music, and I'm liking it. A pretty tight, cohesive sound is coming out of parts of the nation, and it's really cool to see where that's all headed (I don't know).

Anyway ... one such band is ... Late of the Pier, which to me, sounds like No-Wave induced Blondie or Gary Numan or something. Fast paced, poppy, synth laden, sharp and harsh, with loads of curious instincts. Spastic would be a good word, but I don't think they used that in the 80s, and this guy ... can't be from now, can he!? (He is.)

This other group, the Video Nasties, is equally as cool, and certainly more charming. The singer's got this voice that sort of channels Robert Smith from the Cure (which I like), and they're sound can most easily be described as really early post-punk ... bass heavy, speedy and concise, but sharp and edgy, jagged edges abound. They're apparently giving away their six-track demo for free! Cool!

Fear of Flying is ... really spectacular. What the hell is this!? There's some A Certain Ration influence there, tons of Fire Engines[/Franz Ferdinand] blood pulsing through these guys' veins, but something heavier and more aggressive than either of those acts. And man, what excellent bass playing. Definitely check these dudes' MySpace page out!

For a change in pace, listen to Jack and Ginger, an equally stunning U.K. duo (or couple?) that sounds like what would happen were the DFA to remix Viva Voce's French counterpart. Confusing? Well, they're certainly dancy, but they've got a very suave nature about them, and that makes me feel more compelled to listen to their stuff ... soothing, almost ...

Wow ... unintentionally, that ended up being the Day o' MySpace!
Late of the Pier - Space and the Woods
Late of the Pier - Circular
Late of the Pier - Focker
Fear of Flying - Painting with Light
Jack and Ginger - Something Fishy
Jack and Ginger - Noir Mix