Deerhoof, "+81"

I'm hazing on what exactly this is. It looks like it's a song taken from Deerhoof's forthcoming album, Friend Opportunity.
Stereogum had it up for a sec, but this is waaay too good to be missed by anyone, so I'm writing this post just to distribute it a little more.
Holy hell is this track amazing. Deerhoof's done it again. With just three members, I assumed that they'd be having some difficulties in terms of making songs as full as they usually did as a quartet. Not an issue. While this song does have horns added in -- which can only help fill out the sound -- even without them, this track's got a lot to it. Amazing hooks (as usual), great lyrics (as usual), stellar drumming (as usual), and excellent chirping on Satomi's part (as usual). Check it out.
Deerhoof - +81