Again, Sweden (Part 2)

utah rangers
It took me longer to write this than I thought it would, but uh ... I was just building up. Added effect or whatever.
So ... continuing in the same vein as last time, here are some more Swedish bands! Enjoy them!

Whatever the hell Utah Rangers means, I don't care ... this duo is ace. They're indie-pop, yeah, but there such a rush their music; such a happy, dancey feel to it. I can't resist. Imagine a peppier version of Envelopes or something. And those bass lines work oh-so-well with those excellent jangle-pop guitar riffs and perfect hooks.

Even though I don't understand any of their lyrics, man am I also digging Vit Päls' stuff. It's sparse and organic, but with hints of electronic funkiness throughout. Really a great mix of cheery strummed guitar lines and sharp electronic drum beats and synths. Tres great as well ... these Swedish guys need to be more proactive about getting over here to America! And check out the MySpace page, don't forget ...

I am not a fan of Oasis by any means, but for some reason, I don't find the fact that Whyte Seeds is the Swedish incarnation of them. They're sort of schlocky, and they're a little too ballady for me, but you know what? Sometimes that sort of thing is welcome. Maybe. Maybe not ... ? Do them the kindness of checking them out, regardless. Their MySpace page can be found here.
Utah Rangers - Cracking Up My Heart
Utah Rangers - Last Year In June
Utah Rangers - Papers & Contracts
Vit Päls - en kvll med oss
Vit Päls - min vinter i Malmo
Vit Päls - Loving You Was Crazy Shit
Vit Päls - Paul Simon
Vit Päls - s mycket jag kan
Vit Päls - mina moves