Poney Poney Interview (Part 2 of 2)

poney poney
(6)What sort of musical background do you all come from? Your roots and such ...

ANTOINE: "Apache" by the Shadows as a first song played. Four tracks recorders. Finding friends who own a computer. Meeting new people to form bands. Now it's 7th and 9th chords with up-tempo electronic beats with early Joe Jackson vibes. Playing bass with a pick. Lyrics come in the subway, on the way to/from work.

(7)What are your plans and goals with the band? Working on anything aside from the single right now? What's the deal with you guys and touring, too?

ANTOINE: We're working with Xavier on the "Cross the Fader" single these days, it should go out in February in the UK through Perspex Recordings with remixes but we also started producing songs ourselves. At least the basic tracks then we'll ask for help if needed.
Touring goes through MySpace for now, we do need someone to help. We often play outside Paris, even Belgium and London, we're planning to go back there, plus Berlin, Denmark and Sweden soon, hopefully. Wherever possible. We can carry the drums in a small suitcase, that can help. Hear it, America.

(8)I'm really interested in the French music scene, currently. It's interesting because it seems pretty tight-knit, and I always like community, especially in terms of music. It makes things more exciting and fun ... bursting at the seams with opportunities for exploration and finding out more about something you're interested in. Can you discuss -- to the best of your ability -- the scene in Paris a little, please?

ANTOINE: Now, you actually have more venues, more people organizing shows, more bands playing in dancing clubs and good people tend to know each other. I think our music and audience is closer to Arcade Mode/Ed Banger/Disque Primeur's than the Libertines clones, thanks god. Apart from friends, kids who go out a lot and don't care if it's guitar made, in French or English, rap, folk or djs or whatever, they just want to go out. Oh, and it's moving from garage and 60's looks to TTC/Klaxons sweaters, funny. People will fluo monoski again I guess.

(9)Okay ... a few easier questions here ... what are some bands you're liking right now? Also, are there any stores or brands or goods that you've purchased recently that you're liking? Tell me about anything cool ... I'm curious to know what's hip across the pond (the uh, erm ... Atlantic Ocean, that is).

ANTOINE: John John, Justice, Choc, Tahiti Boy & The Palm Tree Family, Mai, Syd Matters, Soda Pop Kid, Kavinsky, Sebastian, The Teenagers, Fancy, Surkin, Domingo, Château Marmont, Uffie, Oizo are my faves. Not hip. Good above all. I don"t buy records anymore.

(0)Where's the name from? I like it, but it's unique, indeed...

ANTOINE: Thank you. Please notice that it dates back from 99, before New Young Pony Club existed. If Lou form NYPC plays keyboards on the album, we'll consider changing name. I don't know where it comes from. Let's say from a childhood trauma.

(1)Okay ... I think that's it for now. Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions, and I wish you guys the best.
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